Insights of Clients Visit at Kerchanshe Trading PLC

Kerchanshe Trading PLC has been the pioneer in producing and exporting delicious coffee beans to the local as well as the international markets since its inception.

Kerchanshe holds an unambiguous vision of determining innovative ways to serve its customers with extreme integrity and transparency. But what sets us matchless in the world of coffee enterprises is our core values of giving primary prominence to both customers and the environment we live in.

Our Clients are the inevitable part of our incredible journey. They have been the strong pillars of our happy and successful trajectory so far. We are always grateful to them as they believed us we could do to their expectations and without their immense love and support, we couldn’t have reached what we are today.

We were much excited and pleased to welcome the members of the Keffa Coffee, Black Rifle, and Coffee Island family to experience the exotic and unexperienced moments of their life. Next followed the visit from Mitsui & Co. Ltd., which made all of us feel so contented and proud. They were much excited to live and cherish some special moments with the Kerchanshe family.

Together we walked around the farmlands, witnessed and imbibed the freshness, aroma, and taste of the divine coffee. Our clients were glad to see our natural and sustainable farming and coffee processing practices of producing the extraordinary coffee in the world. We take utmost care in delivering the finest quality coffee beans nurtured in the places of their unique origin without disturbing our environment.

Cupping is the blissful moment we always feel special about each time savoring the lingering taste and aroma of our pure and beloved brewed Coffee. We have watched the sparkle in their eyes when the clients enjoyed the cupping of the purest coffee beans from its homeland, filling their hearts and making their day great.

Our clients admired the persistent focus and efforts of the Kerchanshe family to give back to the community for improving the livelihoods of the coffee farming communities so that they too can live a normal and healthy life in society. They highlighted the presence of the women in our entire coffee business that was considered as the men-dominant areas and appreciated us for breaking the outdated rules.

We are cent percent sure that this visit made them super confident over how we guarantee the coffee quality as it’s the key factor that sets Kerchanshe apart from the other coffee-producing organizations.

We are committed to delivering great coffee with unique origins and it makes us more cheerful to do it with our clients. We were really honored with their esteemed presence.

With lots of chit-chats and fun, we have miles to go together, because for us, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.