International Coffee Day 2021: A Day to Raise the Mug for Your Coffee Love

Coffee is the beloved beverage of millions around the world. A sip of coffee is all that you need to refresh your body and soul after a tiresome day. Every year on October 1st, all coffee lovers come together to celebrate International Coffee Day to embrace their love for coffee beans.  International Coffee Day is also celebrated to highlight the significance of all those farmers whose livelihood depends upon coffee plantations.

But why is it so important to celebrate coffee day? Read on to find out more about its history and significance.

Where did International Coffee Day originate?

The international coffee day was launched by the International Coffee Organization on 7th March 2014 and is celebrated worldwide since 2015. Different countries across the globe commemorate the day as ‘National Coffee Day’ but celebrate on different dates.

ICO is an intergovernmental organization formed under the UN to oversee all the international activities related to coffee, due to its economic importance. It represents 98 percent of the world’s coffee-producing countries and 67 percent of the world’s leading coffee consumers.

Why Celebrate International Coffee Day?

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the diversity, quality, and passion offered by the coffee sector. It is an opportunity for coffee lovers around the world to share their love for the bean and support the several million farmers who strive to produce quality coffee while ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Coffee has been part of humanity since ancient times, and every society has a culture that goes from cultivating it to preparing it. So, celebrating International Coffee Day is also about recognizing this diversity and creating awareness about the process that implicates coffee’s production, and promoting healthy and safe methods and procedures, not only for mankind but also for the planet.

International Coffee Day 2021

The theme of International Coffee Day highlights revolutionizing the coffee industry by implementing the best ways to improve the lives of farmers and the future of coffee.

The coffee farmers are facing severe threats in their livelihoods because of the hike in the cost of production, environmental challenges, and a huge fall in coffee prices. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a global health crisis that created a negative impact on the world economy, and it also hit the coffee industry adversely.

International Coffee Day 2021 also focuses to attract the younger generation into coffee cultivation, to discover innovative and sustainable solutions to build a better and prosperous coffee sector in the future.

This time, the ICO is on a mission to help coffee farmers around the world earn a sufficient income to meet the daily needs of their families. To safeguard the production of your favourite beverage, coffee lovers can extend their hands to sign the petition for providing a good income for the coffee growers.

Coffee Day and Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the land of origin of coffee and comprises the most diverse and the finest coffee in the world. It is the 4th time the country is going to celebrate the event and it is befitting that International Coffee Day is celebrated on the land of its origin.

The festivity is expected to draw in coffee producers, exporters, roasters, writers, researchers, and coffee lovers from all over the world.

International Coffee Day celebrations are a part of Kerchanshe’s intensified effort to foster the treasures of Ethiopia, including the wide coffee varieties which are not sufficiently known by the rest of the world.

Team Kerchanshe salutes all Coffee Farmers.